“When my son first started riding, he could not say but one word at a time.   Within just a few weeks he was putting 2-3 words together as he gave the horse commands.  It was amazing!!”

“My daughter had a whole 3% spinal curvature correct after the first riding season!”

My child’s teacher saw a change immediately!  She now raises her hand to answer questions and volunteers to read.  The other kids could not believe she could ride a horse!  It opened a new door for her and gave her confidence!!!  She joined 4H and competes in horse shows!

I had to have knee replacement and notice I was struggling with my balance.  I volunteer in the program and asked if I qualified as a rider.   I have road now for 2 years.   I sure can tell a difference in my balance.   I miss it in the winter!

For our son who is non verbal, this is his only activity that is just for his enjoyment.   He sure lets us know it is by the big smile on his face and the sound of his laughter.

I can not believe the increase body control he has since he has been riding!

I LOVE coming!!  To see the smile and joy on the riders faces just melts my heart!!!  This is the best thing I have ever volunteered with!!!!!!

He talks about Noodles ALL the time!   He names everything Noodles like his horse!

It is amazing to see how calm and relaxed they are after riding!  It definitely satisfies the sensory needs!

If she didn’t have this to push her, she wouldn’t try anything.   Lady sure makes her forget her fears, insecurities and want to succeed.  She walks very tall after class.  This has truly been a life safer for her.   We are grateful, it has given her the courage she needs to go out into the world.